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Manhattan Transfer Registrar Co.

Manhattan Transfer Registrar Co. is a full-service, boutique transfer agent and registrar offering a wide range of services from traditional transfer/registrar functions to more advanced services such as EDGAR/XBRL filings and escrow agent services. We are available by phone or email whenever you need us - no answering services EVER! Every request is expedited so it can be processed as quickly and seamlessly as possible. We guarantee that our staff and quality will exceed your expectations.

Our Leadership

Roland Nezaj


Roland Nezaj is a managing partner with nearly 15 years of financial advisory, risk management, accounting, finance, and tax consulting ...

Aferdia Nezaj


Aferdita Nezaj is the Chief Financial Officer at Manhattan Transfer Registrar Co. She has nearly 15 years of experience across a wide range of industries...

Desirée Carlo

Desirée Carlo is the Executive Vice President and has been with Manhattan Transfer since 2007. She was first introduced to the securities industry ...

Seema Ramji

Seema Ramji joined Manhattan Transfer in 2019 and serves as the Processing Supervisor and Office Manager. Seema graduated from Stonybrook University in 2006 with ...