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DTC Eligibility Services

DTC eligibility refers to a public company’s securities becoming eligible for deposit into the Depository Trust Company (DTC), the largest securities depository in the world. Once a company’s securities are deposited into DTC, brokers will be able to clear and process transactions more smoothly, allowing issuers to increase liquidity, save on broker and clearing fees, and improve market visibility.

DTC FAST Services

The Fast Automated Securities Transfer Program (FAST) is a contract between DTC and transfer agents that eliminates the movement of physical securities by allowing agents to act as custodians for DTC. DTC FAST allows shareholders to submit book-entry/paperless shares via DWAC and DRS to brokers. Manhattan Transfer Registrar Co. is an approved DTC FAST/DWAC/DRS agent and we can help your company submit a FAST application at no cost.

DWAC Transactions

Deposit/Withdrawal at Custodian (DWAC) is a method of electronically transferring shares directly between brokerage firms and transfer agents without the involvment of DTC. A signed and medallion guaranteed stock power is typically required.

DRS Transactions

The Direct Registration System (“DRS”) is a system which provides registered shareholders of record with the option of holding their shares in book-entry form, without the need for issuing a physical stock certificate. Manhattan Transfer is an approved DRS participant. A medallion guaranteed stock power is not required.

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