Transfer Agent Services

Manhattan Transfer Registrar Co. is registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission as a Registrar and Transfer Agent.

We are members of The Securities Transfer Association, Inc. and are a DTCC approved FAST, DWAC and DRS agent.

Services Offered

  • Maintain security registers for private and public, domestic and international companies
  • Preferred stock and/or warrant agent
  • Issue, register, retire and cancel stock certificates
  • DWAC, FAST, and DRS processing
  • Shareholder, transfer and audit reports
  • Shareholder maintenance and management
  • Online access to shareholder reports and activity (search by shareholder, certificate number, percentage owned, date issued, tax ID number, even zip code!)
  • Corporate Reorganizations: stock splits, mergers, exchanges
  • Dividend disbursement and stock options
  • Assist companies in going public and IPO's
  • Custom reporting for issuers and their auditors
  • Record retention and storage
  • Lost shareholder tracking and escheatment
  • Edgar filings
  • Press releases
  • Escrow Agent Services
  • Annual and Quarterly Reports--printing and distribution
  • Annual Meeting Support
  • Manual or e-Proxy tabulation and certification
  • NOBO and CUSIP requests
  • Mailing Lists
  • Tax Reporting