Discover the Difference

Manhattan Transfer Registrar Co. is a full-service, boutique transfer agent and registrar offering a wide range of services from traditional transfer/registrar functions to more advanced services such as EDGAR/XBRL filings and escrow agent services. We are available by phone or email whenever you need us - no answering services EVER! Every request is expedited so it can be processed as quickly and seamlessly as possible. We guarantee that our staff and quality will exceed your expectations.


Manhattan Transfer provides standard same-day turnaround on issuance requests, transfer requests, and legend removal requests - provided the required documents have been received. And if your request is missing something, we reach out to you that day to find the solutions needed to process your request as quickly as possible. That's one of the reasons we're so loved among the banking community!


The personal attention Manhattan Transfer provides is what has built our success. The "superstore" transfer agents use assembly line processors, making it difficult to expedite and ensure timeliness. Others cannot possibly compete with our level of dedication to each and every client. And because we do not have the huge operating costs that the "superstore" transfer agents have, we are able to keep your costs low.


Manhattan Transfer provides unlimited online access and real-time resources at no additional cost to you or your shareholders. We understand that the world doesn't stop turning when our office closes. With our Issuer and Shareholder Insight link, online access to your records is available when you need it. In addition, your emails will always be answered-no matter what time and we are available by phone if a situation needs our attention immediately.